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Friday, February 8, 2013

I'm writing this in my lair in Queens, as Superstorm Nemo ( now, everything is "super" and everything has a name? This is a thing, now? I can only presume that Nemo already has a Tumblr account, and is on Twitter...why not, right?), prepares to lay waste to the tri-state area with snow...since, you know, it is winter. Live a little.

Anyways. Writing this in my lair, preparing to do a Google+ hangout later today with a client who is kicking ass, and thought I'd just use this opportunity to give you some reasons to get thee on Google+ ASAP. You would be surprised to think that in 2013 people still need reasons, per se, to use social media to broaden their would, huh? Yesterday, I met a (lovely) twenty-something girl yesterday who wasn't even on Facebook. I think she called it, "The Facebook." Sigh.

I did meet her in person, but otherwise, you are correct: I would have had to assume that the "girl" is really some sketchy guy catfishin' on-line from Tennessee and/or Albania. Also, a few days ago, I had a new client tell me he wasn't "really sold" on the whole social media thing. Tempted to ask this client if he wasn't "really sold" on the uses of the wheel, or the staying power of the printed word, but sometimes...sometimes, boys and girls, I just have to curl up in the fetal position, with a mug o' whiskey and give up. Sometimes..but not today.

 I certainly am no social media expert, (,30545/) thank god, since who can truly be an "expert" in a new, constantly evolving field? And while there is a ton of German porn, bad Beyonce publicity photos and (vitally important) cat memes clogging up the series of tubes which are the Interwebs...I'm now getting excited for Google+ for the ability it gives us to do live "hangouts" and instantly reach and communicate with people about ideas.Oh, just f**king humor me. I'm a very sensitive flower. Check out this article:

So, for example, say you owned a media production company and you're trying to build your brand. You could get all your employees on Google+, and invite potential clients, friends, humanity, to a hangout teaching people how to present themselves on TV, in a way orchestrated to best get their professional branding message across to a receptive audience...dear Jahweh, please include in that something about dressing appropriately. I've seen some interviews on morning TV--which I always watch with the volume off, while at the gym, so that I don't lose what's left of my mind--in which people seemed to have gotten dressed in a Mennonite community, and I wanted to remind them, "MAKEUP IS YOUR FRIEND! And dress appropriately to your true weight, not your fantasy weight." Oy.


You could have a hangout for people who want to learn how to conduct great interviews...or learn to produce live TV...or who just want to learn all the various aspects of TV production. Keep them short, informative and interesting and ah-ha! Now you're not just telling me you're an expert, you're showing me. I'm learning something. Don't give away the store...just give me enough to understand that you know what you're talking about, and your brand is worth my time. That way, when my company needs to make a branding video, these hangouts are going to come to mind and I'm more likely going to call you.You could also tweet out the hangouts, with relevant and intelligent hashtags...and I'd burst into song. Or something.

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