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Monday, February 11, 2013

So, here's Jenny looking pretty much fine as hell at last night's Grammys. And I'm posting this because, after having been at the gym this am, and seen the morning "news" shows go crazy about what a "natural" beauty she is...first, I laughed so hard I almost snorted blood and then I thought: seriously? Do we seriously need to put this "natural" shit on a photo of an actress/singer/whatever the f**k she is selling herself as today...doing her job? Seriously? Make no mistake kids: it's this woman's JOB to look this good. This is an advertisement. 

So, if this photo of JHo inspires people to hit the gym, and eat a little healthier and, in general, take better care of yourselves...then bueno. (Note: my lunch yesterday was a bag of gummi bears and some white w(h)ine. #nonjeneregretterien)

However, if, as is unfortunately far more likely, this photo makes you think how fat & crappy you look, please take a minute to understand that there was an army of stylists, make-up assistants, hair-dressers, personal trainers, chefs and nannys, to name but a few, behind this woman ending up looking this hawt. This is not simply "genetics," a little bit of two-sided tape and some damn squats. This is the result of thousands of dollars. I remember years ago reading someplace that Jennifer Aniston spends approximately $7k a month on her body, in the form of gym workouts, personal trainers, Yoga, Pilates, and the like. That figure should right there tell you everything you need to know about the "values" of Hollywood. Thank god no one's starving or dying or going without clean, drinkable water anywhere in the world. #deargod
Anyway, maybe you, unlike me, were not an anorexic in high school, and college. Maybe you, unlike many of us, accepted yourself inside and out years ago and think you're just peachy in every way. For the rest of us here on Planet Earth, I wanted to remind you that you should enjoy this photo for the advertisement(!) it is and not compare yourself because you won't win, you cannot win, you'll just end up feeling crappy and that truly is NO BUENO and a major frigging waste of your valuable time. And I'm sure if Marc Anthony were here, reading this blog, he'd agree 100%!


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