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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

(Not-so)Secret Talents

Let's face it: so much of life is getting up the courage to create the life we desire. So much of life, therefore, is getting out of our own way, ignoring that insidious voice inside, advising you to give up before you start, and instead, believing that you're worth the effort, because what you have to contribute is valuable...because you are valuable.

But once you get started, the process does get easier, and over time, it hardly becomes a process anymore. It becomes an act of liberation. This will surprise some of you sports fans, but when I originally started this blog, it was a top-secret blog. Only two or three humans, besides myself, knew about it. (The cats were indifferent.)

I would write something and my dear friends would read it and be supportive. At that time in my life, the idea that I had good, I'm sorry, FANTASTIC ideas which other people would pay U.S. currency for, was far too outlandish for me to seriously consider....and look at me now! Blogging about my business, my ideas, my vagina, my dating history, the orange Kitten...hmm, or are those all the same thing? Only my subconscious knows for sure. (Insert here the sound of many men thinking, "I really need to catch up on my reading right about now.")

So, let's say you, at home, have this "crazy" idea of creating a video resume, which you would post on LinkedIn and thus start creating the professional opportunities you desire. GO FOR IT! Use that smartphone or iPad for something actually smart and, while wearing a nice top, with your hair combed, maybe even some makeup, and a big, beautiful smile, give a 01:30 pitch about yourself and your professional passion. Let yourself sparkle.

Then, you can keep the video on your phone/iPad/whatever for as long as it takes you to get comfortable with yourself. Maybe you'll shoot 5 more. #livealittle Share your work with your "inner circle;" those friends and family, in whatever form, who truly love you (and thus love your deepest potential) and want you to be the amazing person you desperately want to be. You know who those people are: they're the people who take great photos of you, and nurture you and fight for you in a thousand different ways..even when you can't fight for yourself. I know you have those people, but if you're feeling poopy, welp, liking my Facebook page did get you a free consultation, right? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? OMG, send that video to me! I'd love it!

But, you freak out, it won't be perfect! Well, thank Jebus, since the last time I worried about being perfect was when I was anorexic and weighed 107 lbs. PS: I still "knew" I was fat. Sexy!

I don't want perfection; I want you to be your most authentic self. I want you to think you're awesome just the way you are! (Unless you're a fan of DooWop music. Sorry. I try to be supportive of everyone but seriously, I can't. I have standards. Oh, stop laughing: I do.) You know who wants you to be "perfect"? PEOPLE WHO HATE YOU! Because perfection is a lie, and it wastes your time, and thus your life. So if you need yourself to be "perfect" before you're able to emotionally invest in, no me gusta.

How many wonderful things have been created through huge mistakes? True story: Woody Allen's masterpiece, "Annie Hall," came about because the editor re-edited the movie into what he thought was a much more organic version. Think of your favorite author, or actor, for example: they didn't start out as the star you admire, they had to grow into that person. Whom could you grow into, I wonder? (Also, is it too late for The Kitten to grow into a cat who isn't such a b*tch? For reals.)

Want some help unearthing those secret talents? Email me at, and like my Facebook page, "Carlotaworldwide Creativity Yenta," for a free consultation.

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